KNOWare™ CMS is a highly customizable web-based application built on a solid, feature-rich foundation that can be used straight out of the box or customized to your specifications. We can make adjustments to the various modules to conform to your workflow, build new modules, or integrate third party tools to accommodate your business needs.

Our software allows users to manage and update all facets of their site in a matter of minutes. It gives users the ability to create calendar events laden with information as well as the ability to store information entered in forms to use for email marketing campaigns. It lets you control your site and changes so that it always stays up-to-date.

The Benefits of Using KNOWare™ CMS

  • Content created in modules is dynamic and reusable on multiple pages.
  • Changes are uploaded and viewed instantly.
  • Images and videos can be integrated seamlessly in both Web pages and Calendar events.
  • There are no technical or programming skills needed--if you can create a word document, you can create a Web page.
  • Calendar events with addresses can also include a Google map.
  • It is SEO friendly--our search engine optimization increases your exposure via meta keywords and meta descriptions.
  • We integrate website analytics information such as Google Analytics into your site that enables you to view information regarding how many people are viewing your site, what pages they are frequenting, the length of time they are spending on any particular page, and so on.
  • We offer SaaS (Software as a Service) which includes free upgrades, maintenance, customization, training and support.

Which CMS is right for you?

Today's marketplace offers hundreds of choices for content management systems. Some are produced for large-scale enterprises, some are very industry specific, while others are geared for certain purposes, e.g., café restaurant website content.

The task of selecting one can be daunting, and many CMS projects never make it past the planning stage because of this challenge. It's been argued that open-source software allows individuals and businesses to modify the actual source code of programs as they see fit. We certainly are believers in the advantages of the open-source movement - much of the development of KNOWare™ CMS comes from open-source projects. However, there are still costs to using an open-source solution (OSS), and even the most popular OSS options don't meet every need.

KNOWare™ CMS has all the tools and flexibility you need to create and manage your site.

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